The Problem
  Everyone has seen them and many people are saddled with them… the vintage 1960’s to 70’s bathroom with aquamarine, harvest gold or bright pink tile. The Formica countertop might include some silver or gold flecks on a dull white background. The vanity is likely an all wood stick built cabinet with plywood doors and a painted finish. The challenge with these bathrooms is often they are still serviceable, built like a tank and nearly indestructable. (We should know we tear these out sometimes for full remodels). They are just outdated and unappealing. For this reason it is often hard to justify completely renovating them, especially when you are on a tight budget.
  A cost effective solution is to refinish the tub and tile walls. Install a new tile floor over the existing one (if the condition allows),  New vanity (or new doors on the existing one) new counter, toilet plumbing fixtures then repaint and voila' .  You've got the look of a new bath for less than half the cost of a full bath remodel. You may also pick and choose which of these items you redo according to your personal budget.  We often are called out to refinish just the tub and/or tile walls if this is all that is requested.
We use the BEST coating on the market!!
The quality of the material makes all the difference.  Our finish was developed by NASA for the aerospace industry(the space buggy left on the moon is coated with the same material). A tub that has been refinished by a true professional should last for 12-15 years with proper cleaning and maintenance.
Tile Bathroom Makeovers are our specialty but we also perform the following services individually......
When we refinish a tub we start by removing the chaulking around the tub, then we clean the tub thoroughly. We apply an acid which etches the surface or roughens it up so our material will bond to it. Sort of like etching glass can give it that rough frosted look. At this point  we dry the tub well mask off the walls and floor, cover the  toilet and vanity then place an exhaust system to pull the fumes and overspray from the area as we apply the primer and 3 coats of the glaze. After refinishing, you have a tub with a smooth glossy finish that will stay looking great for years to come and is easy to clean. 
Tile refinishing is a great way to update old worn grundgy showers and tub surrounds. When we spray our space age acrylic urethane coating over the existing tile, not only does it cover the tile and change the color of the tile surface but it also covers the grout. You still see the shadow lines and indentations of the tile but it SEALS the grout and virtually eliminates the ability of mildew to form on the surface. The tile will be so much easier to clean and will never yellow or discolor again. No more scrubing the grout with an old toothbrush.
More than 160,000 falls occur in the bathroom each year. If you choose we can install our slip resistant Nonskid  Bottom.
We strip a lot of Do-It-Yourself jobs. If your bathtub was refinished before, and it is peeling, your old coating will have to be stripped off prior to our refinishing. There is an additional charge to remove the old coating. If your thinking about refinishing your own tub or using a low cost refinisher then be aware when the cheap finish fails you will pay extra to remove the budget finish and have to refinish the surface sooner than you should. If you factor in these facts is it really cheaper in the long run. I guess if you plan to sell and are concerned with only the immediate future then  that alternative might be ok.
But do you really want to leave that problem for the next owners?
Fiberglass tub and shower bottoms usually crack because of movement or weakness in the unit. We offer repairs that address the  reason for the cracks and not just cover the problems. We reinforce the bottom by drilling a series of holes or cutting a section of the unit out. We then fill in the empty areas under the tub with concrete or other filler materials that take all movement out . After the material sets up we fiberglass and smooth the tub bottom and install a vinyl tub inlay kit that covers the repair and adds more strength. The inlay has a textured finish and looks like a nonskid mat not only hiding the repair but also creating a safer nonskid surface. This process offers a permanent solution to weak, cracking fiberglass tubs and showers. 
Convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower.We can cut down the side of your fiberglass tub/shower unit, fiberglass the cut areas and apply our tub glaze to give the step in access a factory finish. On completion you'd think the unit came from the factory that way. A safer entry into your bathtub/shower area has never been easier. East Carolina Kitchen and Bath offers one of the most accessible bathroom renovations to date. We make access into the tub area easier than you could ever imagine, and yet it's affordable at the same time. The tub to shower conversion is installed using the present tub. The process aids the senior and the caregiver by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area. On most tubs, the accessible entry is only about four or five inches high, providing easier access for the elderly or disabled. Water drains properly, and the existing shower curtain can still be used because the step-up is about two inches (2") above the inside tub-floor. Installation takes less than one full day.  For porcelain tubs with tile surround we can remove the tub, move the drain to the center of the area frame a shower curb and install a vinyl shower liner, mud float a sloped floor for drainage and tile the floor and walls where tub was removed and tie into the existing tile walls. For a seamless look we then refinish the old and new tile shower walls and floor so it ALL looks new. And remember refinishing SEALS the grout  virtually eliminating mildew and makes cleaning a breeze!!
Another reason for reglazing your old bathtub is because High concentrations of LEAD are being released from the old and worn finishes of many bathtubs. Studies of 750 bathtubs conducted and shown on Good Morning America (April 19, 1995) have shown that close to 80% of cast iron bathtubs commonly used today are leaching LEAD into the bathwater. The Center for Disease Control, and other health professionals warn that repeated exposure to high concentrations of lead can be hazardous to the health of your family; particularly children. East Caroilna Kitchen & Bath utilizes a reglazing process that efficiently encapsulates the old finish of your bathtub. This encapsulation stops LEAD from seeping out of these finishes and makes your tub safe again for your family!
"You get what you pay for" is very true with refinishing. A professional refinishing job will save you time and money. A poor refinishing job can cost you extra time and money along with a large dose of frustration. Before taking the lowest bid, make sure you ask all these questions. You will "get what you pay for" with refinishing! The key to good bathtub refinishing is getting the new finish to "bond" to the old surface. Ask about the refinisher's technical process. What is the exact procedure used? Do they acid etch? Do they use a bonding agent? What kind of coating do they apply? How long have they been in business? How long is the warranty?

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